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During the reign of Eisenhower during the Cold War the people were fearful of Russia and what they might do. Eisenhower and his admninistraion did all in their power to put their fears to an end, but the fear was like a plague that spread through everyone, and can only be remedied through time.

Fear was allover the country at this time, and everyone recognized it. Eisenhower had said, "There is too much hysteria. We fear the men in the Kremlin…we fear depression, we fear lossof jobs." Eisenhower realized that the peoplewere afraid, and that he, for a fact, was also. They were afraid of the Russians and what they were capable of doing to them. As shown in document C this was a time in which peoplewere afrad that a nuclear bomb bstrike was forseeable. Businesses such as bomb shelter builers and the like popped so that everyone could have a bomb shelter to be safe in, but they were stil afraid of what was up above. As shown in document E people had no timeto react if there was a nulear attack. It is only 35minutes from Soviet missile bases to any point in the US, and the US's awrning systems gave enxt to know time to alert the people.

The people were also afraid not only of the threat Russia posed to their lives, but to America's leadership role in the world as well. This is shown through document G when it states "if we are to maintain our position of leadership, we must see to it that today's young people are prepared to contribute maximum to our future progress… we must necessarily give special attention to education in sciences and engineering". This shows how the government planned the children's education in a way so that when they matured they would be ready to design more potent things for US than Russia could design.